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Here are the basic numbers of the LuckyTiger engine

Engine Make:Buell
cubic cent. displacement:1208 cm3
Max RPM:8000
Cylinder materialAluminium/Nicasil (Revolution Performance)
Bore size:98.44 mm
Stroke:79.38 mm
Rod lenght:7.270 (184.66 mm); Stroke 3.125 (79.38 mm); Ratio 2.33
Rod material:steel (weight equalised/balanced, lightened and surface compacted)
Flywheel:OEM with reduced 175 mm diameter and other modifications (e.g.lightend and balanced)
Piston design:OEM XB 9 dome/custom made by JE, modified and lightend by Luckyhands and P-Form
Rod small-end width:24 mm
Thickness above pin:5.5 mm
Deck Clearance +/-:0
Compression Height:30.8 mm (like the OEM Piston)
Pin Off Set:none
Head Gasket Thickness:Commetic
Compression Ratio:11.5:1
Cam Shaft Specs:
Rockers:Standard rockers ligthtend by LuckyHands
Lifters:Schubeck X lifters
Pushrods:Andrews Aluminum
Cylinder head type:Buell XB (Stage 2 worked) LuckyHands
Combustion Chamber size:aprox. 64 cm3 (original is 62 cm3) squish band like OEM head
Valve diameter:in = 47 mm; ex = 40mm
Manifold:OEM (modified by LuckyHands and P-Form)
Velocitystack:Adjustable lenght design (manual) by P-Form
Fuel delivery:OEM injection (Buell Factory Race ECM fully programmable. Programming by Buell Hannover)
Fuell type:100+ octane
Oilpump:OEM (modified)
Primary drive:Custom Aluminium Superlightweight Primary (based on Millenium Technologies Components with Alu clutchplates (Tiger/P-Form)
Alternator:Buell RR
Transmission:OEM (cut gears by Al`s Speedshop with low friction coating)
Exhaust pipes/Muffler:Akrapovic RC8 Muffler and custom build (LuckyHands) pipes partly from DeepThunder, custombuild aluminium bracket

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