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Welcome to my Buell XB site. The following pages are intended to give you an overview of what my friends, partners and myself have developed for the XB. I hope you enjoy the site.

The idea

Following a few years of on and off work on my road bike and vaious developements, I have decided to release my own website to communicate my experiences.
A lot of talking is done regarding how to gain more BHP (and so little is really done about it). Inhaling more power into the XB engine is in my limited experience a rather costly excercise. Just changing an ECM does not cut it. One has to dig deeper for real performance. I personally have invested a lot of money in reducing the rotating masses of the XB engine and how the power is delivered (lighter primary components with 35/56 primary sprocket/clutch basket). I have also introduced CNC maschined yokes from BKG and different bearings (Timken) for the steering to make the front stiffer, including a custom solution with a Matris M3 steering damper. I ride a lot of twisty country lanes and here it is useful to have the support of the steering damper to reduce the effects of bumps. The suspension is still an area where I will need to invest. The 2005 fork is OK for me (70 kg), but I do have problems with the rear end in particular in down hill section where the rear end becomes very nervoes. The first investment from my point of view and by far the most rewarding to increase the performance of an XB is the change to the Michelin Pilot Power. This really transforms the handling and is actually cheap. Changes of the tire pressure can easily be felt and understood. My main focus is to change the engine characteristic of the XB and to improve the handling. Here the concept of the reduction of rotating masses makes a real difference.

This picture was posted by a cool american guy in the american Buell forum. For me this is the most beautiful pic of somebody riding a buell I know. It always remins me of what one of my best mates has once said to me ".......90% of the performance anyway depends on the guy who sits on top........Tom Pfeffer 2006".

For me it all started to get serious regarding bike and engine tuning after a number of bad experiences with some big mouth Buell part pushers who copy a lot of stuff from the Staates and sell it as their own achievements. This in itself is not a problem, but talking crap and not delivering parts for months does not go down well with me. So I decided that I can do better and I started looking for people who deliver my ideas and collaborate rather than bullshit. I do not compete in seccond class pseudo races and I certainly do not brag about it! I just want to have a nice bike to ride. The objectives for my bike project are pretty simple:

1. 30 kg lighter than stock
2. 120 BHP at the rear wheel
3. 7 Kg less rotating masses
4. Halfing the weight of the valve train

Most importantly........only people who know the bike should see how much it has been refined. "Pimp my ride is not an objective".

To achieve the defined targets I have gathered a few friends and associates to build the engine (Lucky and Tom) and some body parts (Thorsten) for the bike. More infos are to be found in the German section. This also contains loads of pictures. I will increase the English content in due course. Please feel free to contact me in case you would like to get some information about a particular part that you have seen on the site and would like to know where it came from.


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